Coffee is not just a popular drink. There are a lot of legends about it, and the history of its development continues to this day. It is difficult to imagine how much the views on an invigorating drink have changed in different years in different countries, but today there are only two. Behind one are coffee lovers who cannot imagine life without coffee, behind the second are opponents who consider the drink harmful and even narcotic.

Where did coffee appeared as a drink

In short, the history of coffee begins in the distant X century in hot Ethiopia. According to one of the legends, the idea of using the fruits and leaves of the coffee tree came to an ordinary shepherd who noticed how the goats he was herding were frolicking after eating leaves and berries from a small tree in the mountains.

It was in the vicinity of a settlement called Kaffa. Soon its residents began to actively prepare a drink first from the leaves of the coffee tree, and then from fresh fruits. But the monks of the surrounding monasteries began to dry the berries and make coffee from it, who, through trial and error, received the first recipe for making an invigorating drink. It was prepared not only from grains, but also from dried husks. It was the invigorating properties that prompted the monks to experiment and look for the best ways to use coffee. This is a brief history of the emergence of a new product, which stretched for almost 2 centuries.

“The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks”. James Mackintosh

Italians are considered to be coffee connoisseurs and the best specialists in the coffee business. The most famous brands, such as Lavazza and ILLi, are from Italy. There is even a variant of roasting coffee beans called Italian, which means the strongest or black. Today, ground, instant, freeze-dried, packaged, chaldah coffee is produced, intended for coffee machines. There are also many options for coffee-based drinks. The most famous of them are:

  • espresso;
  • americano;
  • cappuccino;
  • mocachino;
  • glasse;
  • lattes and others.

If the origin of coffee as a fact is clarified, then the future history of this popular grain will be able to surprise more than one generation of coffee lovers. Warm, cold, hot coffee drinks are products that will always attract a person with their smell and the expectation of a new portion of cheerfulness and optimism.